PowerFit fits your 3D structures in any map!

PowerFit automatically fits high-resolution atomic structures into cryo-EM densities.
To this end it performs a full-exhaustive 6-dimensional cross-correlation search between the atomic structure and the density. It takes as input an atomic structure in PDB- or mmCIF-format and a cryo-EM density with its resolution; and outputs positions and rotations of the atomic structure corresponding to high correlation values. PowerFit uses the local cross-correlation function as its base score. The score is by default enhanced with an optional Laplace pre-filter and a core-weighted version to minimize overlapping densities from neighboring subunits.
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PowerFit webserver
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Average run time in minutes (5 runs each, excluding pre- and post-processing, and queued time) for fitting chain C of the GroEL-ES complex (PDB: 3zpz, 525 residues) into the corresponding map (EMD-2325, Resolution: 8.9 Å, Estimated Volume: 936 nm3) with a rotational sampling interval of 5° and 10°, submitted to the local CPU and grid GPGPU resources via the PowerFit web server.
Powerfit Webinar
Watch the 11th BioExcel Webinar on “Robust solutions for cryoEM fitting and visualisation of interaction space”. This Webinar presented by the PowerFit team features a comprehensive overview about the general methodology and algorithms behind PowerFit. Furthermore it provides a quick introduction to the PowerFit web portal implementation including a live demo of the portal.
Reference for use of the server
When using the PowerFit server please cite:
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PowerFit software
You can also install PowerFit directly on your computer. Source code is available under Apache 2.0 license here: Github::PowerFit